Thursday, August 22, 2013

Project Management crumbs on Flipboard

An old China said states “that you may live in interesting times”.
The ones we are living in surely are. Especially for what concerns new technologies and all the new communication opportunities they offer us.
Cloud computing and cloud data storage, writing documents cooperatively with native version control, blogs, social networks, smartphones, tablets, your data always with you, cheap phone calls over ip, Google hangouts…bring us possibilities that seemed unimaginable just five years ago.
In the same time we are facing new problems or old problems whose historical solutions are no more solutions at all. I am talking about security and privacy issues just for mention a couple.
I would not go as far as to count myself in the group of those guys called “early adopters” but surely I am one “early tester”.
I like to try new things but I balance my  appetite for innovation and novelty with an eye to the long term sustainability, security and privacy issues, opportunities offered, efficiency and effectiveness.
Particularly I am interested in all those applications that can help dislocated teams to cooperate more efficiently and in applications that can help everyone to get and sum up new informations and ideas.
So, the step from this blog and the associated Google+ community to a Flipboard magazine seems natural to me.
This blog will continue to be my main and favourite interface but at the same time I will add the most reviewed or appreciated articles also to the Flipboard magazine. Consider it a kind of best of collection.
So, if you will, you can also have the main pmcrumbs posts delivered to your smartphone or tablet in the form of a Flipboard magazine.
The magazine name?
…Well…project management crumbs brush...obviously…

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