Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A survey on salaries for project managers in the UK

It comes a time when one asks himself this question:

"What could I be worth?"

The answer is not easy.

It is not easy because the very definition of "Worth" is not straightforward. Can everything be converted into cash and added up? Am I worth what I earn?
Even if this were the case, one could ask himself this same question the other way round: Am I making what I worth?

Sometimes there are too few available data to find an answer and some other times these same data are sparse, hidden and not easily collectable.

This lack of data is why I decided to share this very interesting survey on salaries for project managers in the UK, crafted by Simon Buehring and Alison Wood at Knowledge Train.

I hope it could help all our UK resident friends, as well as project managers from other countries.