Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Free e-book "What are the most common challenges with agile?"

My friend Alison Wood, from Knowledge Train, recently released this wonderful e-book about the most common challenges with Agile Project Management.
Six insights from six practitioners, whose I am proud to be part.


  1. GREAT INFORMATION - Emanuele Passera.
    Do I have permission to share your free e-book at a project management conference event in Massachusetts and Texas. USA locations. (are you the owner)
    Hosting a free un-conference and open to listing you as a supporter. We can talk about this when you have time.
    Elaine Jackson, BS,PMP, GPM-b
    the Holistic Project Manager

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Thank you for your feedback and appreciation.
      I am not the owner of the e-book, I just gave my contribution.
      You should get in touch with Alison Wood, from Knowledge Train. Alison is one of my Linked-In connection and she created the e-book.
      I will immediately forward your request to her.
      Always eager to talk with fellow project manager.


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