Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crumbs from Vancouver - 02

End of day one at the PMI® Global Congress 2012 - North America.

I participated to the RPWS (Research Program Working Session) focused on the definition, the role and the maturity evaluation of a PMO.
The questions on the table were "How can we define a PMO ?" and "How do we evaluate a PMO maturity level ?".
In this all day long session all participants has been divided in groups and encouraged to respond to these questions by mean of brainstorming and focusing group techniques. Each group then in turn exposed its answers to other participants and responded to questions about the provided answers.
At the end PMI's researchers and staff summarized the discussion focal point and showed statisitcs and case studies about PMO implementations and the relative evolving scenario.
It has been a great experience, highly interactive and engaging.
I met a lot of experienced project managers and I had the opportunity of sharing ideas and opinions with very qualified people from almost every part of the world.
An experience that I recommend to every project management practitioner or passionate.
Stay tuned.

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