Monday, October 22, 2012

Crumbs from Vancouver - 03

Today has been remarkable here at the PMI® Global Congress 2012 - North America in Vancouver.

Not just for the sessions, that are becoming every day more engaging but also because today, finally, the Vancouver sky has stopped pouring rain over us, poor project managers.
Today I have been through two truly amazing sessions. One about methods and good practices to write better projects requirements, the other about the never ending struggle of contingency reserves.
Theory is good but what happens when it meets the reality of companies that always want more with less ? That are always struggling to skinny their costs ?
That is where remain focused on good requirements and accurate estimates of contingency come into play and can truly make the difference.
The sessions were both highly interactive and the two speakers able in engaging the audience and in maintaining high the level of energy in the room.
Other two remarkable sessions I attended to were about leadership and the skills a project manager should have to succesfully create valuable teams. The socialization of power against the personalization of power, empathy and emotional intelligence can be a real breakthrough while bad management or negative attitudes can effectively spoil in few days all the good works that has been performed in months.
Other than for the sessions this meeting is truly amazing for the opportunity to meet people from every part of the world and to exchange ideas about project management and practices in a very multicultural environment.
An appointment that a passionate project manager shouldn't miss.

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